Back in action!

Hello Singapore! We are back in action after a dry spell from COVID-19 restrictions.

Are you looking to turn up your children's interest in the arts? Here are 2 things you might want to block out your calendar for.

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Peter & Blue's School Holiday

Following up from their June 2021 ballet in digital format, Singapore Ballet is now taking this live in June 2022. I have personally brought my children to see a live ballet by them back in 2020, and it was so educational for children. The lights were turned on brighter and it was fantastic for children age 3 onwards to be allowed in a theatre. It brought light to the ballet classes they attend week after week to see how their learnt skills translate onto the stage.


The Musical Canvas

Targeted at primary aged children, expose your children to Chinese instruments in a fun story-telling way at the Esplanade. The National Arts Council does provide special funding for ethnic music, so this might be a good area of music for children to explore these days than the usual western instruments like piano and violin.


Stay tuned for more blog posts!

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