Build a bond with your child through music

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

I can never listen to "Too Much Heaven" by the Bee Gees, and "Matsuri" by Kitaro without thinking about my dad. As kids, he would turn on the laserdisc (the old version of a DVD) and we would sing along and imitate the way the artists played their instruments in the living room. And laugh at our silliness. A lot.

This is the impact music has on our lives. Now my daughter who is 4, tells me about the video taken of her dancing to "Billie Jeans" by Michael Jackson whenever she hears the song played on the car stereo on our trips to school. We simply associate music with life events, or people in our lives.

If you have little kids, sing play move dance to music with them. It can be a simple rhyme. Here's one of my daughter with her grandmother prompting her in the background. She was only 16 months old. She learnt to match the actions to the words, and match the words verbalised at the end with the rhythm of the rhyme. She remembers this till this day.

Knowing that kids remember these bonding events for life, why not do it? I can't even remember my first trip to the zoo, but a not so popular song by Bee Gees? Who knew?!

Let's build lasting memories with our children. And parent child bonds that last a lifetime. When our children turn into teenagers and they share their musical tunes with us to continue building that bond, we know we have succeeded.

It's never too late though! Let's tune in!


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