My Children's Musical Journey

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

I am a music educator. My husband is a singer. So that would make my children musical by birth? That's what I hear a lot when I have a birthday celebration for my children - "Your kids will be so musical." I believe in nurture - it's the environment they grow up in that influences their passions in life. They aren't 'born with it'.

My daughter, now 4, was born in Singapore, spent a year and half abroad. She was in baby music class with me in France as well as in the USA. Spent lots of time with us at free outdoor concerts, hearing me jam on the piano, hearing Papa sing, hearing church music, seeing us do silly dances to Earth Wind and Fire, hearing music in the car on long road trips to the UK. You get the idea - she will be musically inclined because of the musical exposure we naturally provide.

Right now, I teach her using Dogs and Birds piano method to give her a good foundation in music. She loves it.

My daughter's composition piece using materials from Dogs and Birds

My son who is 10 months old, has his own baby music class with me. When you hand him new objects, his natural instinct is to hit them together to see what sound they produce. I think it has to do with the drum sticks I give him. He now bobs to music, and stops to listen to me sing familiar tunes to him.

The journey doesn't stop. Music gives them so much joy - when my son hold the egg shakers, he shakes them, jiggles and smiles! My daughter sings in the car, on the bus, dances to everything, and smiles when she plays a tune on the piano.

What's your children's musical journey?


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