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New Music Class for 3-7 years old with MusicTransforms!

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

MusicTransforms focuses on music education for young children in fun and engaging ways.

What is Jammin' Kiddos?

In Jammin' Kiddos, I build a strong foundation in music for your child. This includes learning essential skills like beat & rhythm, ear training, singing in tune, composition and improvisation.

Teaching is based on a specialised method from the UK called Dogs and Birds, that is designed for very young children (ages 3 to 7) - using the keyboard as a springboard to set your child up for future mastery of their chosen instrument.

Why Jammin' Kiddos?

Step up the fun with a well-rounded start to music education.

  • Learn to read music

  • Learn to sing music

  • Learn to play music

  • Learn to create music (composition)

  • Learn to play creatively (improvisation)

  • Develop a sense of pulse and rhythm

  • Develop "inner hearing" (aural skills)

It is very important that we engage the child in singing while playing the keyboard. This will avoid having a child becoming tone deaf especially in families who do not engage their children in musical activities. This also helps a child tremendously when they move on to take music exams, to excel in the aural component. Very often, music teachers only train students in this component a couple of weeks leading up to the exam, which really isn't enough.

How do we put the fun into music education?

This method engages a child holistically in a fun manner. It is also progressive which gives children room for success in every lesson to boost their confidence.

  • Children learn through beautiful coloured illustrations and adventures with familiar animals

  • Uses Small Animal Tiles and Coloured Staves which helps with note reading, writing, composition, left and right hand coordination

  • Children are not forced to learn the alphabet to start making music on the keyboard

  • Children love to sing - and are encouraged to sing and play with the animals

  • Transitions to conventional music

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MusicTransforms focuses on creating impactful experiences of music in

our precious children aged 0-7 years.

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