Babies & Tots 

Early musical exploration

Inspire an early appreciation for music with songs, rhymes, dances, games, musical stories and instruments. Appealing music in a safe environment encourages your child to smile and jump for joy!


Based on Music teaching Pedagogy

Teachers are trained teachers who are educated in music. We know music, we know how to teach children, we know how to teach music. Every song, rhyme, movement, dance, choice of instruments are all selected based on music teaching principals.

Live Instruments

Ever felt the difference between listening to your favorite pop artist live and on YouTube? Our teachers play instruments live to accompany the songs sang in the class to give the children a well-rounded musical experience. We encourage the children to have hands-on with our instruments as well!

Small Class Size 

Featuring a small class size of maximum 3 children, the teacher gets more time to personally interact with your child to aid him along his musical journey. Parents who sit in with the child get to focus on the fun and bonding rather than 'getting things right' - that's the teacher's job.

Zoltan Kodaly

"Open a single experience will open the young soul to music for a whole lifetime."


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