Jammin' Kiddos

Gifting a lifelong love for music

Featuring a ground-breaking methodology to learning music, children sing and play along to fun animals in a storybook-like method book! Children will be able to sing in tune, read music notation, play a tune, compose and improvise - all from an early age of 3!

Simple | Fun | Engaging 


Start at Age 3 

Children can start as early as age 3 and are not forced to learn the alphabet to start making music on the keyboard. It is also progressive which gives children room for success in every lesson to boost their confidence.

Putting the Fun into Music Learning

Children learn through beautiful colored illustrations and adventures with familiar animals, which makes learning fun and less threatening.  They sing along to words like "dog" and "bird" rather than "Doh Re Mi"or "C D E" at the start - which can make things confusing.

Flexible to Suit Your Child's Learning Pace

Children can progress as slowly or as fast as they need to. Materials without the guided animal notation can be used for ages 6 - 7. Nursery Rhyme and Famous Melodies Book may be added in as well.

Easy Daily Practices  

It just takes 5 minutes of proper daily practice to be able to start playing tunes after a year! And this also applies to children starting at age 3.

Become a Multi-Instrumentalist 

Using the keyboard as a springboard to learning the fundamentals of music, children can explore playing other instruments of their choice at the end of Book 2 confidently.

Smooth Transition into Prep Test for Exam

At the end of Book 2 Blank edition and Nursery Rhyme Book Blank edition, children can smoothly transition into ABRSM Prep Test or Trinity Initial Exam.


Dogs and Birds Method in Action


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